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SONIC Electro-Acoustic Violins

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Moseley Violins are pleased to be able to offer Sonic Electro-Acoustic Violins in our expanding range of "Off The Shelf" electric stringed instruments. Established in 2004 Sonic violins are the mastermind of UK's R & D Engineer and musician Richard Roberts,. The unique pickup system combines a powerful piezo pickup system made in the USA by Violect, with an "on board" active preamp system, which delivers untroubled electro-acoustic sound to the gigging musician. There are three models available the Sonic Attack ; Classic ; and Classic Plus. Please check on availability.




NEW: SONIC ATTACK:  quality electro-acoustic outfit from SONIC VIOLINS  NEW   £595.00




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Sonic Classic 4 string Electro-Acoustic Violin £895.00




For those players looking for a high quality instrument for orchestral and solo acoustic performance as well as for amplified use, Sonic Violins offer the 'Classic'.


  • Pick up Configuration: Twin PZT piezo bi-polar transducers

  • Bridge Design: Custom lower bridge section Replaceable Aubert top section

  • Pick Up Connection: Through top plate direct to pre amp

  • Battery: Std 9V PP9 Alkaline Spring loader drawer mounting under chin rest 12,000 Hour life with standard Alkaline

  • Connection: 1/4 “ Jack socket LH reinforced rib mounting

  • Maximum Output: 4V Peak to Peak

  • Output Impedance: <5kOhm

  • Signal to Noise Ratio: 96dB

  • Design: FET Class A input Stage bi-polar Class AB Output Stage


Made to the highest standards these instruments are truly stunning in looks, quality of tone and sound projection. These violins in their unamplified form are used by many symphony orchestras for open air events as suitable alternatives to their high value instruments.


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Sonic Classic 5 string Electro Acoustic Violin RRP£1,095.00 Including workshop setting up:


The Sonic Heritage (available for trial on a request basis) Price from £1,850.00

is made in the workshop of Xueping Hu. They are fine Italian copies avaiable in Stradivari or Guarneri design for violins and Guadagnini or Maggini designs for viola. Xueping Hu was awarded the certificate of merit for tone at the Violin Society of America 2006. These instruments are produced with conservatoire and professional players in mind and possess a detailed and sensitive tone.

The tonewoods used are carefully selected; the spruce is from the Dolomite region of the Italian Alps and the European maple from Bosnia. The wood is naturally dried for 4 years before being placed in a traditional drying room.

The oil varnishing on these instruments has been specifically developed to resemble that of the Old Italian instruments from the early 18th century.

The Sonic Heritage Series are among the finest examples of modern violin making available today and represent excellent value at this level. These instrument find favour with those looking for the ultimate amplified sound as well as superb acoustic tone and projection. As acoustic instruments they fit comfortably into orchestral and conservatoir settings.

The electro acoustic model is fitted with the "Delux" transducer bridge




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