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Electric Instruments; from Harley Benton; Alfred Stingl; Hidersine; NS Designs; Sonic &  Yamaha

Please check on our stock availability - 0121 693 1214 All prices exclude delivery and are subject to change without notice.


"The Cathedral"                                                     £2,500.00

Unique Modern Hand Made Violin 2015 fitted with a Barcus Berry 3100 pickup system.




New in stock AS 160 E-Violin Outfit -£402.00


* Full depth ribs fits any chinrest / shoulder rest

* Pre-Amp on board : with Volume and Treble/Bass controls

* Traditional neck fingerboard and scroll with ebony pegs

* Set up with Vision strings

* Outfit with case; E- Violin; Carbon AS bow; Headphone set





THE NEW HIDERSINE HEV -1 Violin outfit  £295.00 + String upgrade option

* Matt Black finish with traditional oil finished neck

* Full depth ribs fits any chinrest / shoulder rest

* Pre-Amp on board : with Volume and Treble/Bass controls;

* 1/4" jack out compatible with any 1/4" guitar lead

* Traditional neck fingerboard and scroll with ebony pegs

* Set up with Vision strings

* Outfit with case; E- Violin; Carbon AS bow; Headphone set








Gewa E-Violin






The GEWA E- Violin Outfit;

Complete outfit £650.00 offer price £595.00



Wittner fine tuning pegs

Wittner Chin rest

Wittner shoulder rest Isny

  • Conception/development:Gewa Adorf
  • Manufacture:  made in Germany at Gewa Adorf
  • Function-oriented design
  • CNC-cut wooden body
  • NC highgloss finish
  • Solid maple neck
  • Designer scroll
  • Ebony fingerboard, on 401.665 composite fingerboard
  • Shadow active pickup system with headset exit
  • Carbon bow ( retail value £102.00)
  • Rosin
  • Especially developed, very sturdy and light-weight aluminium case


choice of 4 finishes


light-weight aluminium case




4 string : IN STOCK BLACK clear gloss finish  RRP£561.00; offer price £471.00

 5 string : IN STOCK AMBER & TRANS RED Clear High Gloss Lacquer finish    RRP£623.00; offer price &pound523.00



NXT 4a string violin :  Temp out of stock in satin Amber burst finish : RRP£1,350.00; offer price £1,182.00

NXT 5a string : Temp out of stock in satin Amber Burst finish: RRP&pound1,464.00 offer price &pound1,282.00



NS NXT Viola IN STOCK 36.3 cm scale; 15 1/2" length of body.In Stock RRP£1,130.00; special offer price £949.00


NS NXTa CELLO: IN Stock Amber finish

Available with tripod stand or newly re-designed cello end pin unit

4 string model : in satin Black Finish RRP £1,599.00 offer price £1,349.00

5 string model : To Order basis









NEW Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic Electric Violin fitted with Glasser fine tuner geared pegs Volume control ( tailpiece) and treble and bass control (off chinrest)  £1,229.00 - offer £1,095.00

The Glasser Carbon Composite Acoustic Electric violin combines the advanced technology of the acoustic instrument with state of the art electronics by Bartolini. This allows for the instrument to be played either acoustically or plug in to the Glasser Swordtail active chinrest system. The instrument is set up with Larsen strings and Planetary Pegs. Available in 4/4 only.




The Yamaha YEV



The Yamaha YEV series electric violins... (other instrument models to order)

  4 & 5 string Violins in Black finish ; 4 string in Natural finish:

IN STOCK £699.00 offer price £650.00


5 string in Black finish:

IN STOCK £784.00 offer price £729.00


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4 string violin electro-acoustic  SONIC CLASSICAL  from £895.00, with case,  Due End June

5 string violin electro-acoustic SONIC CLASSICAL model -£1,183.00 with case, available in stock


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 In stock HARLEY BENTON HBV 870 Electric Violins available in Black Ferrari Red, and Natural finishes

IN STOCKin Natural or black finish  £258.00 offer price £239.00

 Harley Benton cellos Ferrari Red finish in stock

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DPA  4099V          

RRP £420.00 offer price £380.00 available to order basis

Super-Cardioid Microphone for Violin/Viola


Amplification; AER Amplification -10% off list price; Roland UK : 15% off list price

Instrument Pickups : Barcus Berry; Fishman: David Gage Realist; LR Baggs; Shadow


New ELECTRIC STRINGS: We are now stocking Thomastic Vision violin C ( 5th) strings and violin F (6th) strings. Please enquire into availability pricing .


Samson Airline Wireless system

in stock

Electric Violists: In Stock NS NXT Viola 36.3 cm scale;

 15 1/2" length of body.£1,130.00 special offer £989.00

Here's 3 alternative pick- up solutions for amplifying acoustic violas:


David Gage Viola Realist :Flex strip under bridge system

* easy to fit under existing acoustic bridge

L R Baggs Viola Bridge : A quality fitted bridge transducer:

* needs professional replacement bridge fitting

Barcus Berry- Clamp on 3100V 

* with viola barrels fitting carpenter jack socket

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The Arts Council's Take It Away Scheme

Re introduces eligibility for under 18's

'Take it Away’ is an Arts Council initiative designed to help more people get involved in learning and playing music. Since April 2011 the scheme has been limited to 18* to 25* year olds.

The good news is the scheme has re-introduced the eligibility for parents/guardians to apply for a loans for applicants under age 18*. The purchase made upon application, can include any combination of instruments, bows, cases  and accessories between £100 to £2,000 The scheme works with a minimum 10% deposit and nine equal monthly instalments, completely interest free.

*Conditional to application. (Applicants between 18 & 25 and parents/guardians of applicants under 18 need to be in at least 16 hours paid employment per week).

Please leave at least 40 minutes for an application to be made on-line at Moseley Violins. A result is usually made instantly from the Arts Council approved Moneyway finance company. (Bank details are needed for the balance payments, and proof of ID, if the deposit is not made by credit card.)



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