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Special Offers
1/2 Col Legno  Violin Bow 5050 Black carbon  Parisienne eye frog 99.95 95.00
Luthes Paris Violin B71 Matt Black finish 98.50 95.00
Long Chen Hybrid   61gm Carbon stick with wooden veneer 306.52 275.00
HIDER Van der Shih   61Gm Carbon stick with wooden veneeer 367.00 330.00
CODA Violin GX GX 61 gm Gold weave patternstick , silver/ gold mountings 665.00 581.00
ARCUS E4 E4 Only 45gm ! Carbon stick new rehair 625.00 547.00
CODA Prodigy     301.41 278.00
CODA SX SX   542.00 474.00
HIDER Standard   Black carbon finish 108.00 99.50
Luthes Paris Standard     148.00 140.00
CODA Prodigy     325.00 300.00


Carbon Composite Bows
  A CODA Diamond NS Violin Bow
For the latest in innovative technology test our range of carbon composite bows. All bows in stock are available as Mail Order  for a trial period for up to 10 days.

 COL LEGNO and DR HIDER (made in  China) ; CODABOWS  from the USA;  ARCUS from Europe can also be available on a trial basis.

Please check on availability.



Standard black &  Pernambuco effect sticks


CODABOW ~ (made in USA)

DIAMOND SERIES: Please check on availability...
       DIAMOND NX- Nickel Silver mounting in black carbon weave finish

       DIAMOND SX- Silver mounted bow in black  carbon weave finish, Black carbon slide

       DIAMOND GX- Gold /silver mounted in golden brown carbon weave finish



REVELATION* Double Bass Bow to order

INFINITY* to Double Bass Bow order


Please Enquire as to stock availability

CODA DIAMOND Violin GX Gold mounting 665.50
CODA DIAMOND Violin SX Silver  mounting 494.00
CODA DIAMOND Violin NX Nickel mounting 339.50
CODA JOULE Violin Nickel Silver mounting 579.00
CODA PRODIGY Violin Nickel mounting 275.00
CODA DIAMOND Viola GX Gold mounting 729.00
CODA DIAMOND Viola SX Silver  mounting 542.00
CODA DIAMOND Viola NX Nickel mounting 374.00
CODABOW PRODIGY Viola Bow Nickel mounting 295.00
CODA DIAMOND Cello GX Gold mounting 794.00
CODA DIAMOND Cello SX Silver  mounting 587.50
CODA DIAMOND Cello NX Nickel mounting 409.00
CODABOW PRODIGY Cello Bow Nickel mounting 325.00
Double Bass Bow INFINITY French 835.00
Double Bass Bow INFINITY  German 835.00
CODABOW REVELATION D Bass Bow - French 570.00
CODABOW REVELATION D Bass Bow - German 570.00

ARCUS  CARBON BOWS : NEW CARBON RANGE Please enquire to availability 

 PRICES are now in GBP including VAT @ 17.5%

  Round/Octagonal Round    
Violin S8     Gold 585 3620.00
  S7     Sterling Silver 2585.00
  S6 P6 M6 Sterling Silver 1725.00
  S5 P5 M5 Sterling Silver 1205.00
    P4 M4 Sterling Silver 735.00
      M3 Nickel Silver 425.00
Electric/5 String E4     Aircraft Aluminium/Silver 625.00
Viola S8     Gold 585 3620.00
  S7     Sterling Silver 2585.00
  S6   M6 Sterling Silver 1725.00
  S5   M5 Sterling Silver 1205.00
      M4 Sterling Silver 735.00
      M3 Nickel Silver 425.00
Cello S8     Gold 585 3705.00
  S7     Sterling Silver 2675.00
  S6   M6 Sterling Silver 1810.00
  S5   M5 Sterling Silver 1295.00
      M4 Sterling Silver 815.00
      M3 Nickel Silver 515.00
Bass German S8     Gold 585 3795.00
  S6     Sterling Silver 1895.00
  S4     Sterling Silver 1120.00
  S3     Sterling Silver 775.00
Bass German S7     Sterling Silver 2155.00
  S5     Sterling Silver 1295.00
  S3     Nickel Silver 735.00

If you haven't tried an Arcus bow recently, you might be surprised by the changes in feel and tone. Since moving production to Germany, Arcus bows have continued to develop and the range has expanded.

Available in the M series and S series for Cello and Viola, with the M series, S series and P series for Violin.

M Series = Great for brighter sounding instruments. Good stable feel and warm full sound. Ideal for Chamber and Orchestral Players. M3 - M6

P Series = A similar weight to the M series. Feels like a traditional bow and good for brighter instruments. More lively in feel than the M series. P4 - P6

S Series = Will brighten up a dark or closed sounding instrument. Used for solo playing. Responsive stick which is lighter and more manoeuvrable than the M and P series. S4 - S8

All bows are classified by resonance and the gradings are from 3 - 8 with 8 being the most resonant


Arcus S5 Cello Bow



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