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COMPACT ALPHA 40 , RRP £711.00     Offer price £640.00
COMPACT 50 in black or Brown Finish RRP £800.00     Offer Price £720.00
Compact 60, RRP £883.00     Offer Price

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COMPACT 60 SLOPENEW Wedge Design RRP £994.00     Offer Price £850.00
COMPACT 60 Solid Natural Oak or Solid Mahogany stained Oak RRP £1,022.00     Offer Price £920.00
Compact Mobile, Mobile Battery Mode RRP £1,334.00   Offer price £1,210.00
Compact Classic Pro,  Effects preset,60 Watts RRP £1,394.00   Offer Price £1,255.00
DOMINO 2, 4 Channel  2 X 60 Watts RRP £1,510.00   Offer Price £1,359.00
COMPACT 60 GIGBAG RRP £65.00        Offer Price £50.00
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AG8 60 Watt, Full Range Monitor RRP £761.00 Special Offer Price &pound685.00  

IN STOCK Last one remaining Ex Demo  £625.00

AER ( Audio Electric Research), Germany
AER ALPHA Acoustic Amplifier,   

Alpha   Size: 26.5cm x 26cm x 23cm Output: 40 Watts

Size doesn’t matter. Shorty knows his way!

Actually not the first system the Alpha defines the starting point of serious acoustic amplification at AER. Based on the success and the experience with the Compact 60 we have developed a even smaller lightweight model that has no difficulties living up to the rigors of the road.

Reduced to the max, along with the AER typical quality standards - without renunciation of what is essential for superb performance - the Alpha is a full size member of the AER product family.

Open sounding and quick in response this amp masters different ranges and is thus not afraid of bigger instruments.

Small, smart surprising

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OUTPUT: 40 Watts

Dimensions: 26 X 26 x 23 Cm


2 Input Line mic/instrument

 3 band Bass Middle Treble

effect return: reverb

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Power switch and terminal

Phones; Footswitch; Send Return

Line out; Cannon DI out



Shoulder strap

Opening  for top handle

Pocket to side





60 Watts, Dimensions: 33 X 23.5 X 26 CM Weight 8.5Kg 




Compact 60

was developed after the AcoustiCube, on which its concept is based and it helped substantially to break out of the ‘boutique-corner’. We were able to prove to a bigger and increasingly more interested public that an all-round, small, powerful and yet simple complete solution for stage, studio and home use does exist and that it works up to the highest demands and standards.

Known as ‘Bingo’ or ‘Compact 60’ it has found many friends around the world with its size - smiled at in the beginning - being its second strongest side. Tried out during live performance it has become the standard equipment of those musicians who value sound, simplicity and independence.

This system with its 8"-twin-cone speaker-system, 60 watts of power and fully developed dynamic control within the model's small dimensions has not only found much appreciation but has also become the basis for a whole line of step by step, developed and refined AER acoustic systems.




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Compact mobile

This amp is made for walking...
Musicians often asked for a system for acoustic instruments which provides AER sound and quality everywhere … independent of the mains.
This is exactly what the Compact mobile has been developed for. Based on the Compact 60, thus identical in sound, but with adapted technology and slightly changed dimensions you can play without the mains for three to four hours – whether you chose to play in the old town or on a glacier. The sound is clear and omnipresent.

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Intelligent solutions for the demands of musicians.



AG 8/60 A MONITOR: ,  Powered 8 " Extension Box 

as Monitor to Compact 60


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Monitoring, Reproducing, Supplementing

AG8 has never been more than a working title, but the former temporary solution has become a solid part among the AER products.
The AG8 shows that AER acoustic systems are not only amplifiers. Because of their audio qualities they can be excellently used as PA and monitor systems.
The AG8 marks a starting point here and is thus often used as supplement for our amplifiers, e.g. for the Compact 60 to broaden the sound; or as independent reproductional system connected with mixing consoles, hi-fi-sources, even electric guitar modelling amps – and especially as stage or keyboard monitor.
The use of AER systems is not limited to the acoustic field alone.

The proof of the amp is the playing!

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COMPACT 60 HARDWOOD* as Compact 60 £979.00
DOMINO II* 4 Channel  2 X 60 Watts £1,159.00
ACOUSTICUBE III* 2 Channel 120 Watts £2,199.00
SUB 10/250* passive 10" Bass ext 250 Watt £499.00
BASIC PERFORMER II* 2 Channel  Cello Bass £1,479.00
BASSCUBE II* 2 X Channel Bass  500Watts £2,449.00

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