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Harley Benton Electric Violins and Cellos...

professionally upgraded to a high standard at Moseley Violins

Please check on our stock availability - 0121 693 1214

All prices exclude delivery and are subject to change without notice.



http://www.thomann.de/thumb/bdbmagic/pics/bdb/225745/7489676_800.jpg Harley Benton HBCE 830FR 4/4 E-Cello

Includes workshop upgrade at  £495.00 

Special offer price £445.00

Available in Ferrari Red / Black Gloss Finish


UPGRADING: Each instrument is taken and set up to a high standard in our workshop, with our full electric violin setup of re-fitting and lubricating the pegs, adjusting the top nut, oiling and polishing fingerboard and adjusting the top curve of bridge for best playability.

( included in price as professional upgrade)

STRING UPGRADE OPTION: Recommended: VISION Violin Strings by Thomastic + £34.20

BRIDGE UPGRADE OPTION: Create a smoother and deeper tone with a solid poplar wood bridge re-fit +£48.00


We are very impressed with the H B model with its exclusive Shadow "Nanoflex" pickup and pre-amp. It is the only inexpensive electric violin that we can recommend that has a standard 1/4 " jack output (so it can be used with any guitar lead) .


Available in Black, Ferrari Red and Natural finishes, each instrument outfit is complete with black composite bow, shaped black canvas covered foam case, rosin, 1/4" lead, 9v battery, and practice headphone set.


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Harley Benton HBV 870 BK:





Harley Benton HBV 870 FR ...



Harley Benton HBV 870 Y Natural



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