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Harley Benton Electric Violins and Cellos...professionally upgraded to a high standard at Moseley Violins Harley Benton HBCE 830FR 4/4 E-Cello

Includes workshop upgrade at  £495.00 

Special offer price £445.00

Available in Ferrari Red / Black Gloss Finish

 in stock in Ferrari Red finish





New Starter Electric Violin Outfit the HBV870 by HARLEY BENTON

 including professional upgrade at Moseley Violins ...

Last remaining stock in Natural Finish ...from £258.75


Black & Ferrari Red Finish:  out of stock

UPGRADE: Each instrument is taken and set up to a high standard in our workshop, with our full electric violin setup of re-fitting and lubricating the pegs, adjusting the top nut, oiling and polishing fingerboard and adjusting the top curve of bridge for best playability.

( included in price as professional upgrade)

STRING UPGRADE: Recommended: VISION Violin Strings by Thomastic + £34.20

BRIDGE UPGRADE: Create a smoother and deeper tone with a solid poplar wood bridge re-fit +£48.00


We are very impressed with the H B model with its exclusive Shadow "Nanoflex" pickup and pre-amp. It is the only inexpensive electric violin that we can recommend that has a standard 1/4 " jack output (so it can be used with any guitar lead) .


Available in Black, Ferrari Red and Natural finishes, each instrument outfit is complete with black composite bow, shaped black canvas covered foam case, rosin, 1/4" lead, 9v battery, and practice headphone set.



  Harley Benton HBV 870 BK:





Harley Benton HBV 870 FR ...



Harley Benton HBV 870 Y Natural



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